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A collection of travels, work and moments from Africa and the world.

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Having grown up in Africa my interest in nature was ignited at an early age. I spent several years guiding clients and running camps in a variety of national parks in Africa. It wasn't however until much later that I decided to pick up a camera. In past years I have travelled to some incredible places and as I dived deeper into photography I realised that I was gaining more insight into the unique aspects of what or who I was taking a photograph of. I never thought that seeing life through the lens would open my eyes to a whole new perspective. When you observe such as you do when seeking interesting photographs you see the world a different way, notice things that your subconscious otherwise would have ignored, become curious of the why and how and not just the what and who. I hope that as I develop this art that you enjoy the work I have thus far produced and that it brings you the same kind of joy or inspiration that I have experienced through these images.

If you wish to read the full captions of the images below please double click on them to open. 

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Brighton, United Kingdom

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